Melanoma, the most aggressive type of skin cancer, is among the top 3 of the most common forms of cancer among young people. So be sure to know what it is and what to look out for. The Dutch Melanoma Foundation (Stichting Melanoom) wants to help you to better understand this.

Check your loved ones, Check yourself

Was that mole already there? Has it grown? By thoroughly inspecting yourself you can give better answers to these kinds of questions. Dermatologists recommend that you check your skin from head to toe regularly. The map below indicates what you should look out for when checking your skin Ask a friend to check your back and also check their. Because looking for suspicious spots on your own back is quite difficult.

More about the campaign
Stichting Melanoom, The Dutch Melanoma Foundation launched a new campaign called CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, YOUR BODY in the month of May when the worldwide Melanoma Awareness Month is taking place. This campaign with two shorts and and a set of GIFs aims to raise more awareness among youngsters about the importance to check your skin regularly for suspicious looking spots. Melanoma is in the top-3 of most common forms of cancer among young people but research of Stichting Melanoom showed that one out of three millenials (18-38) does not know what melanoma is.


The introduction of the campagne started in the beginning of May with 52 kinds of GIF stickers which already reached 7 million views during the teaser on These GIF stickers are available via WhatsApp, Facebook and in Instagram stories so everyone around the globe can help raise more awareness for melanoma.

Early detection can save your life 

How does a suspicious looking spot get discovered? By an attentive eye! That can be either your own eye or somebody elses. Check yourself and eachother, that's our message. This message is being told bij an illustrative caracter with an expressive eye and a magnifying glass. She is the leading part in the campaign.


A suspicious mole ... what to do?

Don’t panic. Not every spot is a melanoma. Nevertheless, you should visit the doctor if there is any doubt. He or she can refer you to a dermatologist so that the spot can be properly examined.

With melanoma is extremely important to be on time. A melanoma that is detected and removed early can be cured very well. Then the chance of survival is almost 100%. But melanoma still is the most aggressive form of skin cancer. It can quickly spread to other parts of the body. A metastatic melanoma is difficult to treat and has a much worse prognosis. So go to the doctor if you are in doubt; better to be safe than sorry.

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More about melanoma

What is melanoma?

A melanoma is a malignant mole and an aggressive form of skin cancer. Sometimes this mole appears out of nowhere, but more often a melanoma develops from an existing mole. Usually these are moles that were slightly different or large moles that existed from birth. Melanoma occurs anywhere on the body or on mucous membranes. The tumor can spread using the bloodstream and lymph nodes.


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Do you want to help raise more awareness?

Share our video's, use our GIF stickers and hastags and tag your friends. That way  everybody learns more about how to detect a suspicious looking spot.

We made 52 GIF stickers, this is how you can use them:


If you want to send one of our GIFs via Whatsapp, you first need to click on the emoji-symbol at the bottom of your screen, then click the GIF symbol and after that the magnifying glass (left). Then you will see the text: Search with Giphy' .  Here you type: 'discoveryourspot' and there you go, those are our GIFs. Ready to use.

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When you make an new post, in the series of symbols (where you also see add 'photo/video' ) click on the GIF symbol, search for 'discoveryourspot' and you will find our GIFs. Ready to use.

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